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Yoga Therapy & The Power of Subtlety

With Oreste Prada

Oreste Prada is the founder of Crossroads in Focus. As a yoga therapist, he offers timeless vedic wisdom and techniques to people journeying through crossroads in their life. You can learn about him and his business at:

I absolutely loved my conversation with Oreste last week. I was originally connected with him through my sister almost 8 years ago. I reached out, and he responded with attention and kindness. Then I dropped the ball and allowed our communication to halt for nearly a decade.

Throughout all of those years I would think about him occasionally. My mind just never allowed me to forget him. 6 months ago I thought, “Hey, better late than never,” and I reached out. We locked in right away, and I was inspired by the power and authenticity of his spirit. I got nervous speaking to him because I knew how much wisdom he had, and I could recognize the power he had to transform me. I am now blessed to work with Oreste as his client.

Enjoy :)

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